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How Secure Is the Cloud?

Cloud security is still a hot and heavily discussed subject. There are many opinions on the matter, but the consensus seems to be that the cloud is very safe.

However, this one statement cannot be enough for you and it shouldn’t. Cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects of every business, as hackers are costing business around the world almost half a trillion dollars annually. In perspective – cybercrime is equal to 0.8% of the global GDP.

That’s why we will go deep into the subject in this article, to finally determine how secure is the cloud and settle the matter once and for all.

What Cloud Computing Is and Why It’s Safe

The main thing that people don’t understand is that the cloud is not too different than conventional computing environments. Yes, the cloud is in its core unique, and it does present its set of challenges, but it’s still similar enough that the security industry knows how to keep it safe.

Every decent cloud service company out there knows how to secure their servers and systems, and thus they certainly can keep your data safe.

Safety is their bread and butter, so you can be sure that they put your data security on the highest pedestal within their business model.

The personnel working at these companies is adequately trained and entirely focused on cloud systems because that’s their job. To explain it better, they design and engineer these systems, and they keep them safe, which points to the fact that the cloud is more secure than conventionally held data that’s being secured by people who have other jobs as well.

How Is the Cloud Secured?

The central security measure is encryption, which unilaterally considered as the safest method of cybersecurity. Naturally, it’s not foolproof, but it is as safe as anything can be.

In deciphering encrypted data - hackers need the encryption key. Without it, they would have to have enormous computing power to crack the encryption and a lot of time as well.

Naturally, a hacker would want to acquire the key instead. That’s why every cloud service ensures that the security system is also next to unreachable. Typically, the user has a role here as well, and it’s also up to them to keep the encryption key safe.

In the end, most breaches that occur confirm to the disbelievers that the cloud is unsafe. But, they usually happen due to reasons that have nothing to do with cloud security. They typically occur because another system or part of the service wasn’t secure enough. The cloud itself remains safe.

If all of this is not enough, let the statistics and trends convince you.

  • According to several surveys, most companies don’t just use the cloud; they use several.

  • Forbes has already stated that 83% of the workload will be in the cloud by 2020. Currently, the percentage is around 50.

  • The spending on cloud services is set to surpass $140 billion by early in 2019.

As you can see, everything points to the fact that it’s entirely secure, a much better solution to conventional data storage, and that there’s no point in not moving to the cloud

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