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Our Capabilities

Project Management

Project Management

Titanium Cobra Solutions has proven itself as an industry leader by providing effective and sustainable project management solution for industry and government leaders, commercial organizations and the at-large project management community. 


Project management is not only a cornerstone of our firm, but our passion as well. We stand ready to assist in the following areas:

Project Recovery

For projects not performing as planned, or worse, out of control, we are ready to diagnose the factors that are putting this value creating effort at risk. By examining a client's project scope, schedule, budget targets, and other environmental factors our specialists can provide an unbiased perspective and offer recommendations for help optimize our projects. 


Program Management Office

We work with our clients to develop a PMO implementation plan that will be successful in their organization by conducting climate surveys, change management strategies, operational templates and other PMO Framework elements provided in the diagram below:

Risk Management

Our Team of PM professionals are experienced in a variety of industries and can offer Risk consultation and assist with implementing risk assessment strategies, software solutions, and general practice considerations essential to effectively executing mid to large scale projects.


As a service, our team of experience schedulers are available to assist clients in building out a project schedule using leading technology tools and industry best practices, working with project leadership to incorporate achievable work breakdown structures, and factoring in mitigation strategies.

Agile Practice

Our staff of Certified Scrum Masters are available to assist development team in establishing structure and routine, assessing backlogs, evaluating sprints, and providing direction to teams in need of a motivational boost. Emphasis on both traditional Agile and PM Hybrid Agile practices.

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