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Cloud Computing Trends for 2018

Cloud computing has become more than a simple tool, with both IT and business executives using it as a viable means of accomplishing their business goals in 2018. With the move away from personal storage, the cloud is now predominantly used by organizations to store, analyze and retrieve large sets of data without having to spend a lot of money on setting up their dedicated infrastructure. As cloud computing continues to rise at a breakneck pace, here are some of the trends that are bound to make an impact in 2018.

Increase in Cloud Services and Solutions

As cloud computing grows, it’s only natural for cloud services to follow suit. The fastest growing sector will, without a doubt, be the PaaS or “platform as a service” solutions. These solutions offer a platform for developers that they can use to create, launch and manage applications without having to build a dedicated infrastructure specifically for that task. IaaS or “infrastructure as a service” solutions will be subject to harsh competition as Google and Microsoft try to compete with the largest IaaS market share, currently held by Amazon. We will also start to see an increase in both consumer cloud services, as well as file sharing services based in the cloud.

Cloud Storage Capacity on the Rise

As the supply of cloud storage increases, it’s only natural for the price to fall. On the other hand, as the demand for cloud storage increases, cloud providers compete with each other for their share of the market. It means that most cloud providers will offer some free storage to collect user data, but also lower prices on enterprise-type solutions to get the most out of the booming cloud market. It’s safe to say that we’ll also witness an increase in crowdsourced storage, big crowdsourced data, and a decrease in cloud cost containment.

Increased Number of Security Vulnerabilities

As cloud storage becomes cheaper and readily available; it means that we should also expect an increase in cloud security breaches. The issue of security will continue to be one of the main problems with any technology. Credit card breaches, Equifax and the Sony hacks are some of the security breaches we’ve seen in the last couple of years, and most of them have resulted from sensitive personal information such as names, birth dates, credit card and social security numbers being exposed. Security issues might continue to be prevalent even in 2018, but it doesn’t mean that the large cybersecurity companies won’t come up with new and improved cloud security solutions.

Cloud adoption will continue to infiltrate the consumer and small-to-medium-sized segments. Chief information officers need to construct solid strategic plans to take full advantage of the numerous benefits offered by cloud computing and rival cloud providers. As the prices go down and the number of cloud services increases, the adaptation of the cloud will most definitely be a rapid one, as long as expert CIOs are focused on overcoming security, as well as integration issues.

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