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Moving to The Cloud? Here are 7 Things to Know First

Moving to the Cloud is vital for every company. The shift is both a technological and a business decision. Even though the benefits are many, and eventually all companies will move to the Cloud, there are a couple of things that every business owner needs to know.

With that in mind, here is a list of seven essential things you need to know before you start moving to the Cloud.

1.Increased Productivity

Upon moving to the Cloud, your IT team will become more focused and productive, because they can stop worrying about several things, like server maintenance, servicing the system, etc. The company providing the Cloud services handles everything. Your team will thus be left to deal with other, now more pressing matters.

2.Going Global is No Longer a Problem

Every business that wants to expand globally can do it more easily with the Cloud. When you try to serve a global audience, you need a lot of resources, and it’s much easier to use the resources the Cloud provides than to make everything yourself.

3.Yes, the Data is Still Yours

One of the several more significant concerns people have is that once their data is in the Cloud, it’s no longer exclusive because it is in someone else’s infrastructure. However, the whole business operates in a wholly different manner. No Cloud service can start owning your data just because they are storing it; it will always remain yours, no matter what.

4.Reduction of Costs

Some think that using the Cloud can only end up being very costly. However, the opposite is true. Using the Cloud cuts both capital and operational expenses. Furthermore, by using the Cloud, you save money on infrastructure, because it’s all fully equipped. You are also spending less now as the price of cloud services is decreasing.

5.Only a Handful of People Can Access the Data

Once your data is in the Cloud, it can be accessed only by you and other authorized members of your organization. In essence, you have complete control over who can access the data in the Cloud.

6.Security and Reliability

Most companies that want to move to the Cloud fear security issues. However, it’s a massive misconception that the Cloud is less safe than local storage. It’s quite the opposite. Every Cloud service provider promises security because that’s their bread and butter. If the data stored in the Cloud is not secure, then the entire business model collapses.

7.Proper Training in Advance

Both you and your team must have sufficient training in Cloud services before you move there. To properly operate the Cloud environment and keep on gaining value from it, you need to have the proper training.

All in all, as you can see, moving to the Cloud is hugely beneficial. Once you grasp everything that’s in here, you’ll be able to operate a successful move to the Cloud for your entire business.

If you need help with the move and to know more, make sure you contact Titanium Cobra Solutions. Our team of professionals will give you the answers you need.

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