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Enterprise network monitoring software can help organizations stave off productivity issues. Today's enterprises face many growing challenges that occur due to ever-increasing traffic on corporate networks. The primary goal of monitoring software is to observe the network infrastructure and its traffic to identify performance optimization opportunities and facilitate outage and degradation resolution.

We have done our research and found the five best systems that anyone can use to improve their business and IT infrastructure.

1. Cisco Cisco is in a unique position, because of their significant market share in enterprise data center routing, to offer various products and product-packages for network monitoring. Prime infrastructure is their primary product in this category – it provides configuration management, flow monitoring, and provisioning of their network devices. The company also offers additional packages for collaboration service monitoring, packet analysis, and Network Packet Broker functionality. Enterprises can obtain Cisco’s products through their ONE subscription-based models and/or traditional license models.

2. CA Technologies When it comes to network monitoring and performance management, this company has been a long-time player. The CA Technologies’ platform offers full-stack analytics for assuring software-defined and traditional networks. Their network monitoring platform converts device metrics, topology, inventory, packet, flow, and fault analysis into actionable intelligence for your network operation team. CA Technologies’ core products include CA Virtual Assurance and CA Performance Management for Network Infrastructure Managers, while their related products include tools for application delivery monitoring, flow analysis, unified communications, and others.

3. SolarWinds Network infrastructure monitoring is where SolarWinds’ core competency resides. It is best for small and medium-sized companies because of its simple set of features. Their network monitoring products include NetFlow traffic analyzer and Network Performance Monitor tools. The tools are straightforward to use. They automatically discover your network devices and make the process of monitoring an entire network quite simple. These products by SolarWinds operate in hybrid-cloud environments, with a highly-customizable and easy-to-manage interface.

4. Paessler Paessler is a German company that deals with infrastructure network monitoring, and their PRTG software can provide live status tracking tools to help an enterprise manage their networks better. The software is straightforward when it comes to installation and setup, it has a simple and modifiable interface (their web portal supports browsers and mobile devices), and the software’s console provides for different formatting and user interface. PRTG delivers an all-inclusive network monitoring experience with more than 200 different sensor types. Users can configure their alerts (push messages for texts, apps, playing sound files, email notifications, and more), and the Maps Tab allows them to create live interactive maps to display your network information.

5. Nagios XI Nagios is a network monitoring software with a flexible pricing model. It is aimed at a wider audience, putting out a free version, one-time license, open source, and subscription models. It makes the platform usable by anyone from freelancers to large corporations. The key Nagios XI components are Database, Network, and Infrastructure. The tool is extremely flexible, easy-to-install, but when it comes to adjusting it to your requirements, it takes some time. This is primarily because every device that needs to be monitored has to be configured manually, as it doesn’t have the auto-discovery feature.

These are the top five software solutions for enterprise network monitoring for 2018. As experts in providing and setting up enterprise network monitoring solutions, Titanium Cobra Solutions has the experience and expertise when it comes to these products. We can leverage them to manage, monitor, and strengthen our client’s enterprise cyber security posture.

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