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Corporate Social Responsibility – What and How?

Today, people in search for a career don’t just look at the benefits and perks that employers provide. In fact, today’s companies offer perks like competitive salaries, on-site child care, and free meals in the company cafeteria. That’s something that can make your work more enjoyable, but what about the less tangible benefits? What are the company’s core values? What is their company culture? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs go a long way in meeting the needs of today’s workers, and their requirements that continuously evolve.

For organizations to be successful, they need to incorporate specific measures aimed towards improving and protecting society as a whole. Those measures are referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Open system. Every organization interacts with customers, employees, local communities, government, financiers, suppliers, intermediaries, and other stakeholders. All of them have different expectations they require the organization to fulfill (e.g. the government expects them to pay taxes and employees expect them to pay salaries on time).

  • Public image and reputation. Every organization wants to build a strong reputation, and social responsibility is a powerful vehicle for making it happen. Companies with elaborate welfare projects and distinctive ethical values are more valued and trusted by customers.

  • Importance of giving back. By investing in activities and projects that improve the welfare of society, your organization is socially responsible. Address social issues such as the environment, health and poverty by devoting some of your financial and human resources. The society is both the market for your output and the source of inputs (e.g. raw materials and labor), nurturing a healthy relationship with your community is essential.

  • Governance and ethics. Good business governance and ethics are an integral part of your social responsibility. There are individuals and groups within your organization, and business ethics concerns their behavior and moral judgement. The organization is held accountable for their employees’ actions, and the stakeholders expect the company to be transparent in their business while respecting the norms of the society.

Engage Your Employees in Corporate Social Responsibility

Leaders, managers, high-level and low-level employees – every member of the organization represents its core values and goals. It is why employees need to be engaged in their organization’s social responsibility efforts.

First of all, leaders must share their passion for being socially responsible and be involved with company goals, like providing for under-served communities, eliminating waste, or reducing emissions. They are also the ones that need to identify and present the company’s higher purposes and goals as clearly as possible.

After presenting sustainability goals, not every employee will immediately accept them. It is essential to educate them and explain how the goals will benefit the welfare of society and help improve communities. Encourage them to think of new ideas for sustainability and have them involved in the process. It can be an excellent opportunity for staff development at all levels.

Share your knowledge with the world and show how your company redirects its resources towards a greater good. It will pave a path for other organizations looking to be socially responsible. Being socially responsible will enable your company to coexist in harmony with the environment, the community at large, and the government.

The experts at Titanium Cobra Solutions can help you design an operating model that provides the most suitable plan for how your resources are operated, organized, and maintained for making a positive impact on the environment or society. Contact us, and together we will implement a socially responsible operating model that you and your leadership team can effectively execute.

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