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Titanium Cobra Solutions has built a sustaining reputation and customer expectation for embedding quality assurance methods and process improvement practices into all product and service deliveries. Through our Quality Assurance (QA) VIPER program we ensure all tasks have oversight or direct management by certified Project Management Professionals PMP and adhere to rigorous program and project management principals. Our QA VIPER program processes coupled with our past project experience has contributed to enhanced cost, schedule and quality efficiencies, which has also resulted in increasing value while reducing risk to our client’s missions.

The Viper Approach

PLANNING for Quality Assurance is accomplished through meticulous advanced planning, task element risk analysis, strategic identification of highly qualified staff and task-appropriate industry best practices (PMP, PgMP, DAWIA, CMMI, LSS, TQM, ITIL, AGILE, CMC, CBAP) to optimize product, process and service delivery. Development of a Quality Management Plan (QMP) for the contract or task order and have reviewed and approved by the Quality Assurance Board (Titanium Cobra Solutions, QA Subject Matter Experts).


EXECUTION of the Quality Management Plan, Task Staffing Plan and establish baseline of client expectations of quality objectives by understanding the scope, depth and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies. Establish and monitor metrics for project objectives and create a quality management process. Coordinate with external team-members on quality management expectations and processes.


CONTROL AND MONITORING of quality control and quality improvement is accomplished by creating a quality management processes that include monitoring and assessing products or performance. Conduct Semi-Annual Quality Management Reviews QMR (or as necessary to meet client expectations). Maintain records of assessments and reports for further analysis by QA Subject Matter Experts on improving on-going or future quality improvement efforts.


Titanium Cobra Solutions’ Leadership Team is fully committed to a Quality Assurance program that can improve the delivery of reliable work products, enhance support services, increase value and promote cost-efficiencies for our Clients. Our QA VIPER program is on watch throughout the life-cycle of the project – Do you have a Cobra in your corner?

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