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Customized Curriculum

When commercially available training doesn’t meet your needs, we are ready to step in and develop a custom, relevant and targeted solution. Our learning development team consistently develops curriculum designed to transform complex terminology and processes into easy to understand concepts.

We begin by establishing an intimate understanding of your challenges and desired learning objectives through an iterative discovery approach that favors one-on-one and team interaction. With a clear understanding of requirements, constraints and assumptions, we then create an actionable plan for delivery. From there, our team of instructional designers, developers and graphics staff execute in complete alignment while maintaining continuous communication with you, our customer.

Titanium Cobra Solutions favors the ADDIE Instructional Design Model as a core component of our curriculum development process and our training evaluation process includes the Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation.


Kirkpatrick Model

Have a unique training problem and need advice on a solution? Contact our training team for a free consultation with our experts. We are ready to help!

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