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Project Management and Computer Training

Project Management Professional Training and Certification are essential in today's environment of innovation and value creation. The Titanium Cobra approach combines industry best practices and active-learning methodologies to strengthen your professional portfolio. We also specialize in custom training solutions that will address the challenges faced by your team.

Organizations are in a difficult position today to maintain a technological edge in an ever-changing competitive environment. Individual skills need to be frequently refreshed or modernized to ensure effective use of emerging technologies, device applications, software optimization and to protect your proprietary information from hacking. Our industry leaders will guide your organization through computer fundamentals, Information Technology management, software application and optimization, and network security. 

Our training staff is ready to schedule your training event!

Training Approach

At Titanium Cobra, we value student learning above all else. You can expect our instructors to constantly monitor each student on an individual basis, ensuring that no one is left behind. Our instructors use interactive lecture, visual and graphic aids, supporting reiteration, real-world examples and practical application to ensure that learning occurs on a lasting level.


We create an active learning environment by sharing business and industry terms, crafting every-day workplace scenarios and recommending problem-solving approaches; all offered to strengthen your skills in the workplace and prepare you for your next project.

Course Benefits

  • Instructor-Led Training Environment

  • Highly Experienced Instructors

  • Professional Learning Environment

  • Post-Course Advice & Assistance

  • All necessary Course Materials

  • A copy of the Project Management Body of Knowledge  (PMBOK® Guide) - for PM Courses


Titanium Cobra Solutions offers the discounts for most of our course offerings. To find out if these, or other discounts, apply to your upcoming course, please Contact Us!  

Cancellations & Refunds

1. Titanium Cobra Solutions may cancel any class due to inclement weather, instructor illness, insufficient

     enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances.

2. Our Refunds and Cancellation Policy is available by clicking here. By purchasing one of our services, you

     agree to this policy.

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