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CLOSED - Mid-Level Program Management Analyst

Clearance Required

Job Requirements:

  • Provide program management support for PMW 750/760 resulting in the successful accomplishment of mission requirements to systems in the development phase.

  • Develop, analyze, modify, and update databases and spreadsheets to support program requirements. This requirement includes conducting data entry, problem resolution, use of formulas and other data/statistical analysis tools such as graphs, pivot charts, and custom reports.

  • Analyze and review technical data (e.g. engineering documentation). The purpose of this requirement is to create project/program documentation such as Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), presentations in support of reviews, white papers, training materials, and Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms). Additionally, this requirement is intended to ensure compliance with current doctrine relative to the integration of C4I solutions.

  • Support the development and modification of project/program documentation. Examples of program documentation include strategic plans, strategic roadmaps, SOPs, Issue Papers, Program Reviews, Organizational Charts, policies, and procedures.

  • Modify program documentation in the designated location (e.g. Naval Systems Engineering Resource Center (NSERC)).

  • Develop Business Case Analysis (BCA) and Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) support and provide e-business solutions.

  • Support the development and management of cost, technical, and schedule baselines in the designated format (e.g. spend plans).

  • Provide risk management support the Government resulting in the successful accomplishment of mission requirements. Examples of support functions include performing the following functions:

a) Develop and modify the risk assessment program.

b) Conduct risk planning

c) Conduct risk analyses

d) Develop mitigation plans

e) Track/report progress

f) Ensure compliance with risk management guidance and best practices.

g) Generate inputs in support of risk review boards.

h) Develop and update risk files and/or databases in the designated risk management tool; and

i) Develop and update top-level systems engineering documentation, such as SEPs, RMPs, CPDs, and MOUs.

  • Provide program planning support to the Government such as the development and execution of obligation phasing plans, 7300s, SERs, PARM reviews, and program objective memorandum submissions.

  • Provide technical and programmatic support to the Government. Examples involve interfacing with stakeholders (e.g. the Design Agent, NAVSEA sponsors, etc.) to develop future ship programs integrated C4I solutions prior to the SCN window and conducting technical analyses necessary to coordinate C4I implementation of the future ships program.

  • Support cross-organizational communication across Platform Integration PMWs, Product PMWs, NIWC partners, NAVWAR Competencies, and other industry partners.

  • Provide support for GFI and GFE. Examples of support functions include documenting, tracking, and reporting GFI/GFE deliveries required for integrated E3E C4I solutions for Future Ship Programs and conducting technical and programmatic research to identify platform and GFI/GFE future ship program requirements.

  • Provide support for the Government's metrics management program. The purpose of this requirement is to address future shipbuilding and acquisition requirements. Examples of support functions include coordinating activities to support the metrics management program, using advanced features in the designated software to perform data and statistical analyses, and translating the data into various channels such as spreadsheets, graphs, and pivot charts.

  • Provide scheduling support to PMW 750/760's projects/programs. Examples of support functions include the following:

a) Coordinate, prepare, integrate, and modify scheduling activities in accordance with program/project requirements.

b) Develop and analyze schedules (e.g. IMSs) and reports as established in the program's and/or project's SMP

c) Perform schedule update procedures, recovery plans and "what-if" schedules.

d) Provide recommendations for programmatic and scheduling priorities.

e) Establish and monitor execution towards milestones, key events, and significant accomplishment criteria.

f) Prepare and update program and/or project schedules that effectively communicate to stakeholders

g) Support the collection and collation of data and the interpretation of timelines.

h) Perform IMS critical path, schedule slack, and task predecessor/successor networking analyses; and

i) Perform SRAs

  • Provide technical support for C4I system integration efforts such as design, production, integration, configuration control, and testing activities of systems in the development phase

  • Provide support for EVM activities. This requirement involves reviewing cost and EVM documentation such as EACs, CPRs, and IPMRs. Examples of support functions involve summarizing the data and providing technical comments, questions, and recommendations related to the content for the Government

  • Provide support for the PPBE process. Examples of support functions include the following:

a) Develop PPBE artifacts such as IMSs, fielding plans, BOMs, APB analyses, and Acquisition Strategies

b) Address data call responses

c) Update inputs associated with the PPBE process.

  • Prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively.

  • Apply analytic techniques in support of the evaluation of program/project objectives.

  • Analyze requirements, status, budget, and schedules.

  • Perform management, technical, or business case analyses.

  • Collect, complete, organize and interpret data relating to projects and programs.

  • Track program/project status and schedules.

  • Apply government-instituted processes for documentation, change control management and data management.

  • Excellent oral and written skills.

  • Excellent critical thinking skills.

  • Proficient in Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

  • Ability to work independently and as a team member.

  • Ability to learn and apply project management concepts to assigned duties.

  • Experience applying data management, data analysis, and data visualization.

  • Specialized project management support experience with a Navy acquisition program or related/comparable project management support experience

Personnel Requirements:

  • Experience with Navy contracting procedures and regulations.

  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills, including using computers proficiently to effectively communicate complex procurement regulations, contract strategy, processes, and procedures.

  • Experience with preparing briefings and reports appropriate for senior government executives.

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